Terms & Conditions


1) When requesting childcare from ALPINE RESORT NANNIES you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


2) I understand that ALPINE RESORT NANNIES acts as an introductory agent matching Families with Nannies/Child Care Providers. We are not employers or responsible for the individual programmes of activities or services provided by each individual Nanny/Child Care Provider that you are matched with.

3) ALPINE RESORT NANNIES are NOT responsible for any remuneration Nannies are owed for their services by you the Family. It is the responsibility of the Families to ensure terms are settled by the conditions set by the Nannies/Childcare providers. Alpine Resort Nannies are not responsible for the refunding of any contractual hours that are paid in advance that the Family choose not use. It is at the discretion of the Family if they wish to relieve the Nanny of her duties early or choose not to use her for any period of time during her contracted hours. If the Nanny is unable to full fill her contracted hours, then YOU the Family must ensure that any financial compensation/refunds/final pay & settlements are discussed and agreed with the Nanny directly.

4) ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will endeavour to provide up to date and correct profiles on all Nannies/Childcare Providers from the information supplied to us by them.


5) ALPINE RESORT NANNIES provide all introduction services for which we charge a fee and includes the following;

  • ALPINE RESORT NANNIES Match Families with Nannies/Childcare Providers by means of introduction.
  • ALPINE RESORT NANNIES provide all communication and introduction services that match Families with Nannies/Childcare Providers. 
  • ALPINE RESORT NANNIES Families are notified in advance the remuneration expected by the Nanny/Childcare Provider that they are matched with and will be notified of the Nanny’s/Childcare Provider’s terms.   
  • After your first contact with ALPINE RESORT NANNIES requesting us to match you with a Nanny/Childcare Provider, ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will collect information from you to best suit your requirements for Childcare and check availability with the Nannies/Childcare Providers on our database.
  • ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will contact the Nanny/Childcare Provider best suited to match your requirements and we will pass on the information relevant to your request. We will confirm with the Nanny/Childcare Provider, that they are able to carry out your request using their services and can commit to the date and location requested.
  • ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will send you a profile of the Nanny/childcare provider that you are matched with if available.
  • ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will communicate all the information relating to your request for Childcare between you the Family and us ALPINE RESORT NANNIES and between the Nanny/Childcare Provider and us ALPINE RESORT NANNIES.
  • ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will send confirmation of your request and the availability of childcare. We will email all information relating to your request and we will confirm times/locations of the initial first meeting and or pick up.
  • ALPINE RESORT NANNIES vet Nannies credentials and interview them prior to registering them on our database. Insurance policies held by your Nanny are only checked that they are valid policies and we do not inspect their content and cover in detail. We cannot guarantee that your Nanny will hold public liability insurance. DBS/police  checks are no older than 3years old and a copy is held on file. Referees provided by the Nanny are followed up by us via email and not in person.  A copy of the document confirming their identity is also kept on file.
  • ALPINE RESORT NANNIES ensure frequent visits/meetings are made to each Nanny/Childcare Provider over the season. This ensures we can confidently provide a service of excellence and keep our profiles of their services up to date.
  • ALPINE RESORT NANNIES are available in resort should you need us for whatever reason. If you need any extra equipment* or simply have a question or need any local information, we are here to help if can.


6) Upon receiving your deposit which is non refundable and includes our introduction fee, You will receive all the final details of your introduction and the profile of the Nanny/Childcare Provider you are matched with along with their contact details. If you have any further questions relating to the individual services of the Nanny/Childcare Provider you are matched with, or any last minute amendments to scheduling and location, this will enable you to contact them directly should you need to. 

If you are paying the deposit and or balance from a bank outside of the EU or in a currency other than sterling, you MUST ensure all bank fees are paid at your end. Any costs incurred will be chargeable  and you will be invoiced accordingly for any outstanding amounts which must then be paid in full promptly to secure your booking . Pay pal charges are at your own expense and listed on your invoice.


In every booking made with Alpine Resort Nannies, we ask families for details of any allergies, medical issues, medication administration or special needs of all the children that are being cared for, if applicable to that child or children.  You must answer honestly and with all the details requested so that Alpine Resort Nannies can ensure you are placed with an informed Nanny with the appropriate knowledge, skills or experience to that child/children and that they are able to give your child/children the appropriate and very best care. We reserve the right to cancel your booking, retain monies paid and collect monies owed if you do not inform of any conditions that may have implications on the care they require.

We reserve the right to change the Nanny you are matched with upon booking,  after booking and after payment has been made. We reserve the right to make amendments to your booking with regards to dates and timings should circumstances dictate.

You must inform Alpine Resort Nannies of any medical issues currently know prior to booking and of any contagious* illnesses in the 7 days leading up to your holiday of any or all the children being cared for. You must also inform your Nanny directly of any illness that occurs during the week of the children in care or of those staying in the same accommodation, particularly if they are of a contagious natures such as chickenpox*, measles*, mumps*, impetigo*, gastroenteritus*, meningitis* etc etc, this list is not exhaustive. Please do not assume that your Nanny/Childcare provider is either immune or happy to care for a very sick child or be exposed to a contagion.

In the event of you cancelling your booking whilst in resort due to the illness of your child or any other reason, no refunds will be made by Alpine Resort Nannies of any monies already paid. Any monies paid to your Nanny/Childcare Provider prior will also be retained and any monies owed must be paid in full to your Nanny/Childcare provider upon the dismissal of your Nanny should you choose to dismiss them before the end of their term.

Your Nanny/Childcare provider reserves the right not to continue care for your sick child should they feel at risk to their own health. In this event and only if they have been given prior notification of such illness to be able to make an informed choice, only hours worked will be owed to your Nanny/Childcare provider. This will be charged at a flat rate of £10 phr and any monies returned to you will also be charged at this flat rate of £10phr. No deposits will be refunded.

If illness or a medical condition has been concealed from your Nanny/Childcare provider or from Alpine Resort Nannies and we feel your Nanny/Childcare Provider or the children themselves are at risk due to requiring more appropriate care, then we reserve the right to pull your Nanny/Childcare provider from your booking and retain any monies paid and collect any monies owed.

Alpine Resort Nannies and your Nanny/Childcare provider cannot and will not provide or purchase medication for your child.


Whilst we do recommend to Nannies using our service that they purchase their own public liability insurance, we cannot guarantee this or their level of cover. When using our service, You the client must insure you have adequate travel insurance cover to you if anything should happen to your children or the property you are residing in whilst they are in the care of the Nanny.  You will be expected to claim on your own insurance in every event.


In the unfortunate situation that you may have to cancel your Childcare requirements with ALPINE RESORT NANNIES the following cancellation, charges and conditions apply.

In ALL circumstances the deposit for your childcare requirements including any additional services you may have pre arranged and pre paid to ALPINE RESORT NANNIES, will be retained. No monies will be refunded. Please refer to your travel insurance to view their terms of their cover for these circumstances.

If you wish to add hours to your booking after booking and payment had been made, then this is subject to the availability of your Nanny and is subject to further charges which will be quoted to you by ALPINE RESORT NANNIES to which you will be invoiced separately.

Any hours you may wish to deduct from your booking after booking and after the deposit has been paid but before the balance has been paid, is solely up to the discretion of ALPINE RESORT NANNIES on behalf of your Nanny. Any agreed deductions of agreed hours will only, can only be deducted from the balance that is due prior to arrival in resort and not from the deposit already paid. The balance then will be amended accordingly and you will receive and amended invoice for the balance. Hours deducted will be deducted at a flat rate of £10phr of the balance and not pro rata of the original quote.

If after you have paid your balance to your Nanny/Childcare Provider for her services in full which is usually no later than 4 weeks prior to your arrival and you cancel within the time of 4 weeks prior to commencement of your booking or during your booking in resort for whatever reason, then 100% of total cost will be retained. No refunds in part, full, pro rata or in any proportion of the deposit, balance or total cost upon booking will be made. No refunds in part, full, pro rata or in any proportion of the deposit, balance or total cost are made once the itinerary commences .

ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will endeavour to assist you with re booking if possible and requested but there are no guarantees this is possible and is subject to availability only. We are unable to re book you into the following season.

If for any reason and in any event, ALPINE RESORT NANNIES cancels your booking at any time prior to your arrival or whilst you are in resort but prior to the start time of your booking, then they reserve the right to do so and your deposit will be returned to you in full. No further payments will be made in addition to the deposit paid in any cases of any losses or compensation claims.

If you booking has been cancelled by ALPINE RESORT NANNIES and if payment to your Nanny/Childcare provider has also been made in full, then ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will in good faith assist you with the return of your money paid to your Nanny/Childcare provider by contacting them directly but cannot be held responsible or liable should your Nanny fail to return payment to you. You would have to pursue return of your payment directly with your Nanny/Childcare provider.



  1. By registering with ALPINE RESORT NANNIES you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:
  2. I understand that ALPINE RESORT NANNIES acts as an introductory agent matching Families with Nannies/Child Care providers.
  3. I understand that ALPINE RESORT NANNIES are not my employers and that I am self employed and solely responsible for declaring all earnings received from the Families that are introduced to me by ALPINE RESORT NANNIES to the relevant tax authorities.
  4. ALPINE RESORT NANNIES is not and cannot be held responsible for any remuneration arising from loss of earnings due to illness, incapacitation, or cancellation by you or the families you have been introduced to. This list is not exhaustive.
  5. I understand that Registering with ALPINE RESORT NANNIES does not oblige or commit me to using this service.
  6. I understand that when I commit to a booking and whilst carrying out my services to the families introduced to me by ALPINE RESORT NANNIES, I am obliged to carry them out responsibly, to the best of my abilities and in harmony to the high standards that ALPINE RESORT NANNIES are committed to providing.
  7. I understand that ALPINE RESORT NANNIES cannot guarantee matching me with Families on a regular, ad-hoc or permanent basis.
  8. I have supplied true and correct information about myself, my references, qualifications, and experience. I will inform ALPINE RESORT NANNIES of any updates and I am responsible for keeping my DBS/CRB check up to date and not older than 3years from any booking undertaken.
  9. I understand that when I join the ALPINE RESORT NANNIES database, I will be asked to provide certain information including that of personal nature. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, I consent to the processing of all or any of my personal data (in manual, electronic or any other form) relevant to this agreement, by ALPINE RESORT NANNIES and/or any agent or third party nominated by them and bound by a duty of confidentiality. Processing includes but is not limited to obtaining, recording, using and holding data and includes the transfer of data to any country either inside or outside the EEA.
  10. I understand that ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will make a profile of me that I will pre approve and agree to share with clients that I am matched with.
  11. I understand that ALPINE RESORT NANNIES may disclose to third parties, certain aggregate information contained in my profile when necessary for the functioning of the website or to abide by the law, but that ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will never disclose or sell my information for the purposes of marketing.
  12. I will guard the privacy of ALPINE RESORT NANNIES and anyone whose information ALPINE RESORT NANNIES passes to me. I understand that the information is for my personal use for the period of time required and it must not be directly or indirectly used for any commercial purpose or distributed. I understand that I have no rights to using the ALPINE RESORT NANNIES name or brand for personal or business gain and I must have prior consent with ALPINE RESORT NANNIES if I wish to use any references or connections to ALPINE RESORT NANNIES.
  13. I agree that the role of ALPINE RESORT NANNIES is only to introduce me to Families or other employers, and that I am not their agent, employee, partner and do not have any other binding relationship with them, and I do not have authority to enter into any commitment on their behalf.
  14. I understand that when accepting an introduction from ALPINE RESORT NANNIES, I am agreeing to commit to, and be responsible for carrying out my services for the duration of the introduction as pre agreed/arranged. Any cancellation on my part for whatever reason, must be communicated promptly and directly to the family I have agreed to provide my services to and secondly, to ALPINE RESORT NANNIES so they are made aware only. ALPINE RESORT NANNIES reserve the right to remove you from their records and withdraw future introductions should I prove to be unreliable and not committed to my engagements.
  15. I understand that ALPINE RESORT NANNIES are committed to providing excellence to Families using their introduction services and they reserve the right as part of this service to use any information acquired during visits, during periods of introductions, to insure the ongoing excellence of the service provided by ALPINE RESORT NANNIES. They also use these visits to ensure Nannies and Families are receiving the best care and support.
  16. Alcohol consumption, smoking and drug use (this includes both legal and illegal recreational drugs), on duty is absolutely NOT permitted. Should you be found drunk or incapacitated (even if it is resulting from a day off or the night before), or caught smoking when you are carry out your services as introduced by ALPINE RESORT NANNIES, you will be immediately struck off our records and asked to withdraw your services. ALPINE RESORT NANNIES will not be responsible for any outstanding remuneration between you and the Families you are engaged with and will not be responsible for any disputes over this.
  17. I understand that ALPINE RESORT NANNIES provide all introduction services that match Families with Nannies. Included in this service are visits during bookings, the vetting and collection of credentials and the interviewing process. They provide an in resort service to offer support for Families and Nannies for the duration of the introduction and for this ALPINE RESORT NANNIES charge an introduction fee which is paid directly and in advance from the Families requiring this service. Families are notified in advance of the remuneration expected by the Nanny they are matched with and pay the Nanny directly.  This introduction fee includes all costs for ALPINE RESORT NANNIES to invite Nannies to register, to be interviewed and to vet their credentials on behalf of the Families requiring a Nanny service. Nannies are not required to pay any fees to use this service.
  18. Once a booking is taken by you the Nanny, you are committed to this and separate terms apply.*

*You will be given these terms to review upon registration.